Discover Magazine Collection

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A collection of 6 beautiful issues of Discover, the magazine for curious Muslim kids - like yours!

Each issue of Discover engages young Muslim minds with vibrant features, many of which are hands-on activities and with an Islamic twist.


  • Deenify – fascinating facts about Islam and other faiths
  • Doodles – fun prompts for young creatives
  • Factsmash – small doses of trivia-based info
  • Incredible Science – intriguing explorations of biology, chemistry, zoology and more
  • Islam Connection – cultural links to Islam, such as architecture, habits of the Prophet Muhammad, and Muslim manners
  • Kitchen Creations – kid-friendly recipes
  • Khalifa Kids – great ideas to keep green
  • Muslims A-Z – exceptional Muslims from the past and present
  • Plus, Book Reviews, Brain Busters, Listmania, Math Games, Spot the Difference, Islamic Holiday Specials and more!