SISTERS Magazine Collection

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Get 6  assorted copies of SISTERS, the magazine for fabulous Muslim women, and prepare for a journey of inspiration and self-discovery.

SISTERS is a lifestyle magazine with a refreshing Islamic twist. We live the deen, we love the deen, and we celebrate the deen through features that inspire, uplift and provoke thought, discussion and action. SISTERS comes in both beautifully designed glossy printed or digital copy, put together by some of the best writers, journalists, halal foodies, environmentalists, life coaches, Islamic clothing designers, and artists in today’s ummah. 


  • Reflections: Islamic inspiration, personal narratives, health, wellbeing and life coaching
  • Family: advice, ideas and reflections on Muslim family life, including the popular ‘Ask Megan’
  • World: environmental and community issues, including arts and literature focus
  • Lifestyle: Muslim fashion, halal foodies, decor and travel
  • Voices: opinion pieces, poetry, original fiction, games and quizzes
  • Plus: Muslim holiday specials